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MONT Solar Powered Ventilation System for Greenhouse



Looking to maintain an ideal temperature in your greenhouse? Introducing the MONT Solar Ventilation System, designed to help your plants thrive. Remember, temperatures above 85 degrees can hinder plants from blossoming. Thus, ensuring the right temperature is key.

What makes this system unique? It can function efficiently using a deep cycle marine battery, ensuring continuous operation regardless of sunshine. This battery is engineered to utilize most of its power capacity.

Experience true off-the-grid functionality with the MONT system, delivering energy precisely where you need it in your greenhouse. Even if your greenhouse isn’t a MONT, this system can easily be integrated. The robust fan, exhaust louvers, and top-notch thermostat are all US-made. Plus, the solar panel produces more than double the energy the fan requires, paving the way for future upgrades like lights or heaters.

Key Features MONT Solar Powered Ventilation System for Greenhouse

  • Robust 16in commercial ventilation fan.
  • Durable aluminum 5-louvered fan shield.
  • Premium commercial thermostat.
  • High-capacity 40 amp solar panel equipped with mounting brackets.
  • Detailed guidelines for battery powerpack integration.
  • Designed for eco-friendly operation and your utmost comfort.
  • Adaptable for use in non-MONT greenhouses.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • 3-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • A product of USA craftsmanship and innovation.


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