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Complete 4 PVC Standard Evap Pad System for Greenhouses 3×10 ft



Introducing the Complete 4″ PVC Standard Evap Pad System: your efficient solution for large-scale cooling. Leveraging the natural cooling magic of water evaporation and pairing it with Schaefer exhaust fans, it can cool expansive spaces by up to 30°F. From greenhouses to warehouses, it’s the ideal choice.

Its intuitive, “no-leak” PVC design ensures an easy setup and low maintenance. Plus, its efficient water recycling mechanism ensures zero waste. Choose from single or multi-stage controls and various water supply methods for optimal functionality.

Key Features:

  • Cooling pads dimensions: 12″ width, 3′ height, with lengths between 10-50′ in 5′ steps.
  • Choose from different pad coatings and thicknesses (4″ or 6″), durable for up to 5 years with proper care.
  • 110V efficient pump.
  • A solid two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether you’re cooling an animal shelter, a factory, or a greenhouse, this system promises efficiency and ease.


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