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Solar Greenhouse Exhaust Kit



Introducing the Exaco Exhaust-Power Greenhouse Exhaust Kit, your sustainable solution for a pleasant greenhouse atmosphere. Harness the sun’s energy to maintain optimal temperatures in your space.

Boasting a versatile 50-watt solar panel, you can set it up flat or angled, thanks to the included supports, offering diverse installation options. With an intelligent thermostat, this exhaust fan effortlessly manages your greenhouse climate. It’s powered by both solar energy and 12v batteries (sold separately), ensuring consistent temperature maintenance.

This kit is versatile, compatible with all greenhouses, including the renowned Janssens and Riga models. For larger greenhouses, consider two fans for maximum efficiency.

Want solar efficiency in cooling your greenhouse? Look no further!

Key Features of the Exhaust-Power Kit

  • Eco-friendly greenhouse cooling via solar power.
  • Intuitive thermostat for easy temperature regulation.
  • 50W foldable solar panel (dimensions: 29in x 20in x 1.5in) with flexible positioning supports.
  • Efficient 16in x 16in exhaust fan to dispel hot air.
  • Quiet operation with a brushless motor.
  • Option to store surplus solar energy in batteries for night use (batteries not included).
  • Max Voltage: 25.5v.
  • Total Weight: 31lbs (13lb for solar panel, 18lbs for accessories).

What’s Included:

  • 50W solar panel with angle supports.
  • Exhaust fan (dimensions: 16in W x 16in L x 9in D).
  • 20ft cord connecting the solar panel to the fan.
  • Convenient thermostat.
  • Battery box (accommodates two 12v batteries, not included).
  • Lexan panel for exhaust fan integration (replaces glass panel).
  • User-friendly instruction manual.
  • Available in Green or Black.

Warranty Details:

  • Lifetime guarantee on the brushless motor.
  • 10-year warranty for all other components.


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