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Schaefer HAF Greenhouse Fan 8 in. 115v



Minimize thermal strain and enhance air purity with Schaefer’s distinctively crafted ventilation fans. A class apart, these fans for greenhouses have been tailored to ensure amplified air circulation and exceptional cooling for any use. They’re so subtle, you won’t hear or see them, but you’ll certainly feel their impact!

Often referred to as Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) fans, these are designed for ceiling installation. They channel the air in a consistent horizontal manner, establishing the subtle “racetrack” airflow dynamics crucial in greenhouses. This helps in optimizing heat distribution and controlling humidity by circulating the air uniformly from top to bottom. These fans are not limited to greenhouses; they’re perfect for garages, workshops, storage spaces, manufacturing units, and any other place requiring robust air circulation. They’re designed to work with standard 115-volt power and come with a five-foot integrated cord.

Each Schaefer HAF fan proudly bears the “Made in the U.S.” tag and is backed by a two-year warranty. The Greenhouse Emporium stocks these fans in multiple sizes, capable of circulating air volumes ranging from 450 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) to a whopping 10,000 CFM – see the list below for detailed specs. Thanks to our volume-based discounts, both commercial and industrial plant cultivators can achieve the desired ventilation while maintaining their budget.

Schaefer HAF Greenhouse Fan Highlights:

  • Deep guard structure for unparalleled efficiency, minimal noise, and optimal safety without compromising on airflow.
  • Premium motors paired with top-grade blades for peak performance.
  • Guards coated with anti-corrosive powder for longevity and resistance against rust.
  • Comes with powder-coated steel brackets and a power cord for convenience.
  • Multiple mounting options ensure a hassle-free and versatile installation process.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S. NOTE: It’s recommended that models without OSHA guards be positioned at a height of seven feet or above.
Model Size Mount Cord HP Volt Amp CFM RPM Weight
VK8 8″ Yes 5′ 1/100 115 0.6 450 1550-1800 8 lb.
VK12 12″ Yes 5′ 1/10 115/230 1.3/0.65 1,470 1,725 18 lb.
VK20 20″ Yes 5′ 1/3 115/230 3.8/1.9 5,470 1,725 35 lb.
VK24 24″ Yes 5′ 1/2 115/230 4.8/2.4 5,001-10,000 1,725 46 lb.


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