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Riverstone Ground Covering 6ft x 300ft for Greenhouse


  • Premium-grade landscape fabric
  • Efficiently cools the covered area, cost-effectively
  • Conserves moisture levels
  • Lightweight, ensuring minimal stress on supporting frameworks
  • Designed for natural water flow during rains or irrigation
  • Restricts weed sprouting


The Riverstone Terrain Protector series boasts UV-resistant materials, ensuring extended durability. Crafted with knitted fabric, it’s guaranteed not to unravel when torn. Its semi-porous design allows water to permeate, reaching the ground, while blocking seeds or growth from rising upwards. This system inhibits erosion and conserves moisture.

From the house of Riverstone Industries, the all-season terrain protector rolls are tailored for both commercial and hobby purposes. They are user-friendly, offering a robust 3.2 oz black woven Polypropylene texture with potlines set at 12-inch intervals for precise alignment. Width options are 3ft, 4ft, and 6ft, with lengths ranging from 50ft up to 300ft.

This terrain protector is a top-tier choice for plant nurseries, landscaping professionals, maintenance teams, and dedicated homeowners. Engineered to allow water to seep through while blocking out weeds, stones, or wildlife, it comes with an impressive 20-year warranty.

Riverstone Terrain Protector’s Features & Perks:

  • Facilitates robust plant growth
  • Enables smooth passage for air, water, and vital nutrients
  • Offers exceptional UV and light shielding properties
  • Material Composition: 3.2 oz dense woven Polypropylene
  • Features 12in potlines for streamlined planting
  • Available Widths:
    • 3ft
    • 4ft
    • 6ft
  • Offered Lengths:
    • 50ft
    • 100ft
    • 150ft
    • 300ft
  • Assured Warranty: 20 years
  • Proudly crafted in the USA.


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