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Riverstone Interlocking Flooring Panels for Greenhouse 8ft x 20ft


  • Constructed from 100% repurposed Polypropylene (HDPE)
  • Versatile, fitting seamlessly on various terrains including grass, sand, soil, and concrete
  • Designed with robust, dependable interlocking components
  • Perfect for areas requiring anti-slip, drainage mats like pools, showers, saunas, and greenhouses
  • Lightweight, facilitating easy installation
  • More compact compared to similar market offerings


The Riverstone Tile System introduces an innovative interlocking tile solution with a cutting-edge, patented base that ensures stability both inside and outside of your greenhouse. Its unique design facilitates swift air and water passage, maintaining a sanitary, bacteria-resistant environment. Crafted from 100% repurposed Polypropylene (HDPE), this flooring can be swiftly relocated and, once linked, rolled into one piece for effortless cleaning or storage.

This distinctive flooring solution, derived from upcycled materials, creates a multi-purpose, permeable ground cover. Measuring 22in x 22in, it’s available in hues such as green, black, tan, brown, and gray. Notably slimmer than its counterparts, its anti-slip design guarantees secure footing in damp spaces. The petite hole design also ensures comfortable and safe traversal, even in high heels.

Assembling the Riverstone Interlocking Flooring is a breeze due to its user-friendly design. Simply fit the tiles together and secure them with a gentle tap. With no adhesives required, rest assured that underlying surfaces like grass, sand, soil, or concrete remain unaltered.

Riverstone Interlocking Flooring’s Features & Advantages:

  • Customizable with a 2in detachable square feature
  • Petite hole design ensures secure walking, even in high heels
  • Available in sets of 4 or 12
  • Package dimensions: 8ft x 8ft, 8ft x 12ft, 8ft x 16ft, 8ft x 20ft, 8ft x 24ft
  • Color options: Green, grey, black, blue, tan, or brown
  • Tile dimensions: 22in width x 22in length x .5in depth


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