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MONT Automatic Greenhouse Watering System 8×8 ft



Easy and Efficient Plant Watering with MONT’s System

Caring for a garden just got simpler. Introducing the MONT Automatic Greenhouse Watering System, designed to hydrate your plants effortlessly. This is perfect for those moments when you’re away or have a busy schedule. Its advanced digital timer is tailored to provide precise watering, considering different seasons and weather patterns.

No more worrying about unwanted bacterial growth! Our commercial-grade hose is crafted to prevent any mold or bacterial build-up, ensuring a safe watering experience year after year. Setting it up is a breeze. Simply attach one end to the timer and the other straight to your water source.

Designed with versatility in mind, this system suits any greenhouse setting. It’s a premium setup, mirroring what the top-tier growers use. Ideally placed hanging from your greenhouse ceiling, its sprinkler heads, weighted for stability, are strategically spaced to provide even water distribution.

MONT Automatic Greenhouse Watering System Highlights:

  • Top-notch digital timer for scheduled watering
  • Made with premium materials akin to what the professionals use
  • Hose design that curbs bacterial and mold growth
  • Ideal for the ever-busy gardener
  • Compatible with MONT Interior Shade Cloth System
  • Universal design for all greenhouse types
  • Hassle-free installation


  • 8ft x 8ft: Comes with a single sprinkler head, giving a 4ft circular spray coverage.
  • 8ft x 12ft: Features two sprinkler heads, covering two 4ft circular spray areas.
  • 8ft x 16ft: Equipped with three sprinkler heads for three 4ft circular spray zones.
  • 8ft x 20ft: Four sprinkler heads ensure four distinct 4ft spray circles.
  • 8ft x 24ft: Boasts five sprinkler heads, each giving a 4ft circular spray.

Additional Info:

  • Warranty: A solid 10-year guarantee.
  • Proudly conceptualized and manufactured in the USA.

Let the MONT Automatic Greenhouse Watering System take care of your plants, while you simply enjoy the beauty of your garden!


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