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GrowMax Water Super Grow 800 for Greenhouse

Two-stage water filtration for greenhouses up to 200 sq.ft., community gardens, hydroponics, or medium home gardens


Feeling let down by your garden’s output? Remember, just like us, plants crave pure, quality water to grow and thrive. Unlock the potential of your garden with the GrowMax Water Super Grow 800’s filtered water!

Designed for varied gardening spaces – from greenhouses spanning 96 to 200 sq. ft., communal plots, hydroponic systems, to personal gardens – this two-step filtration system seamlessly integrates with your existing watering mechanisms, be it hoses or intricate irrigation systems. Even if you’re tending a compact green patch, Super Grow 800 can still be your game-changer.

For a visual deep dive, watch the GrowMax Water Garden Filtration Systems video.

Because when it comes to plants, pristine water is synonymous with radiant growth.

Highlight Features of GrowMax Water Super Grow 800:

  • Filters out 99% of typical water contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, and VOCs.
  • Tailored for diverse gardening setups, including hydroponics.
  • Efficiently purifies up to 15,000 gallons (or 56,850 liters) of garden water with minimal chlorine content.
  • Zero water wastage policy.
  • Facilitates robust plant growth and maximized yields.
  • Installation is a breeze.
  • Consists of a dual filtration process:
    1. MaxPur™ Sediment Filter: Eliminates sediments, enhancing the efficiency of the subsequent filter.
    2. CleanGreen™ Carbon Block Filter: Purifies by removing chlorine and related contaminants.
  • Comes equipped with the FloCheck™ Regulator, ensuring optimal filtration.
  • The UV-safe opaque structure thwarts unwanted algae and bacterial growth.

Included with the Super Grow 800:

  • Filters: MaxPur™ Sediment Pre-Filter & CleanGreen™ Carbon Block Filter.
  • Durable GMW Filter Housings with double O-ring seals.
  • Weather-resistant steel bracket with powder-coating and a mounting stake.
  • Versatile garden hose connectors.
  • Swift filter replacement feature.
  • Multiple connection options, including a standard garden hose or a custom integration into existing irrigation systems (3/4″ NPT).


  • Dimensions: 15in (W) x 17in (D) x 17in (H)
  • Weight: 24.2 lbs
  • Warranty: A solid 1-year guarantee

About GrowMax Water USA:

Born from a community of gardening enthusiasts, GrowMax Water USA understood the challenges of tap water laden with contaminants. After researching solutions, they teamed up with Europe’s GrowMax Water™ to introduce American gardeners to the transformative power of clean, filtered water. Trust GrowMax’s systems to nourish your garden with uncontaminated water, letting every bud bloom in its purest form.


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