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Dura Plastic Benchtop for Greenhouses


  • Resistant plastic ensures no bending, corrosion, or decay.
  • 2′ x 4′ segments link on their 4-foot edges, facilitating the creation of a 4-foot broad bench of any length.
  • Weight: 6.32 lb. (2.87 kg)


Whether you’re crafting a new growth table or renovating an old one, these greenhouse tabletops provide an economical choice for tailor-made cultivation setups. The Dura-Bench plastic surface is available in 24″ x 48″ connecting segments, letting you shape a bench of your desired dimensions. It’s designed to serve as a substitute for conventional wood, wire, or expanded metal greenhouse surfaces. Whether you’re starting anew with a wooden or metal base, the Dura-Bench plastic surface can be your top choice.

These segmented tabletops are robust, sleek, and non-absorbent, ensuring plants, trays, and pots glide over them without getting caught. The connectable segments are immune to rotting, cracking, splintering, or corrosion. For effortless linking, each comes equipped with four nylon clips on its longer side. Combine them with the Dura-Bench 36″ x 48″ segments for a broader, five-foot bench.

Tested to support up to 630 pounds, the Dura-Bench greenhouse surfaces can bear 100 times the weight of a singular segment. Additionally, they promote enhanced airflow beneficial for plant development. Greenhouse Megastore offers bulk purchase discounts and complimentary shipping on eligible orders for economical, industrial-grade cultivation tables.

(Note: This offering pertains to the bench surface only – framework and legs are separate.)

Dura-Bench Ultra Plastic Surface Highlights

  • Max weight-bearing capacity is 630 pounds.
  • Its smooth finish ensures hassle-free movement of containers across the bench.
  • The non-absorbent, sleek surface with ample openings makes the Dura-Bench notably user-friendly for cleaning, disinfection, and is gentler on skin and attire.


Each 2′ x 4′ piece weighs a light 6.32 pounds and features 1.1″ x 1.1″ square openings.

Setting Up

Mounting the Dura-Bench segments on bases made of metal, wood, or pipes is a breeze. They link together effortlessly, side-by-side, requiring no specialized equipment, which cuts down on installation time compared to wood or expanded metal surfaces.


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