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Dura Greenhouse Benchtop – 2 ft. x 5 ft.


Engineered specifically to take the place of wood, wire, and expanded metal in greenhouses, Dura-Bench Plastic Surfaces are a game changer. The 5’L panels, made from sturdy polypropylene, boast a 1.1″ x 1.1″ square grid design, simplifying the cleaning process. Weighing at 7.52 lbs. each, these panels provide a slick, non-absorbent surface ensuring hassle-free movement of trays and pots without the risk of catching.


The Dura-Bench Classic Plastic Nursery Bench Surface is innovatively crafted to supersede traditional wooden, metallic, and wire bench tops. Dura-Bench stands out for its enhanced durability and resolves issues inherent in other bench materials.

The Dura-Bench Classic design spans 5’L and is 2′ in width. It features interlocking notches exclusively along its 5′ length, ensuring all its sides seamlessly align with neighboring panels. This unique design supports a 5′ wide bench without necessitating any connections.

Unlike wood, these panels resist rotting, cracking, or splintering; and in contrast to metal or wire tops, they prevent corrosion, rusting, and sharp protrusions. Capable of supporting up to 630 lbs., the Dura-Bench surfaces remain undented and straight. Mounting them onto metal, wood, or pipe bases is straightforward with #10 stainless steel screws.


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