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Garland Humidity & Temp Indicator for Greenhouse


  • Crafted with a robust brass casing
  • Shiny, polished finish
  • Pre-drilled casing for easy wall mounting
  • 5-inch display dial
  • Contrasting black dial with clear white numerics and text
  • Overall span of 6 inches
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The Abbeon Humidity and Temperature Monitor boasts an accuracy of ±3% RH, covering the entire range from 0 to 100% for relative humidity. It has undergone rigorous testing across various dial positions and temperatures from 32° to 230°F. The integrated bi-metallic thermometer maintains a 1% accuracy on its scale, measuring temperatures from -10° to 190°F.

Functionality: The device houses an in-built RH sensor made of synthetic fiber that expands with rising humidity and shrinks when it drops. This dynamic change is mechanically translated into the humidity pointer via precision gears and bearings. The beauty of this instrument is its self-sufficiency – it doesn’t require batteries or external power sources. For consistent accuracy, there’s a calibration screw concealed within the casing, which can be adjusted according to a recognized humidity benchmark.


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