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Solexx Black Shade Cloth for Greenhouses

  • Helps maintain cooler internal environments.
  • Effectively minimizes harmful radiation exposure.
  • Comes with reinforced borders and grommets.
  • Crafted from 50% black polypropylene material.
  • Offered in multiple dimensions.
  • Custom sizes available upon request.


The Solexx Ebony Sunscreen Fabric is a durable, black polypropylene cloth that filters up to 50% of direct sunlight, ensuring cooler environments during scorching summer months. This enhancement not only benefits your cherished plants but also extends the longevity of your greenhouse panels. With its strengthened borders featuring grommets, installation and removal become a breeze.

Research indicates that denser black fabrics are effective in significantly minimizing the radiation that penetrates through to the underlying surface. Using sunscreens that can scatter or decrease UV rays is an effective strategy to safeguard plants, kids, pets, and seniors.


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