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RSI Greenhouse Heater


Weight: 27 lbs.
Color: Earthy Taupe.
Size: 14in width x 12.5in height x 12.375in depth.


Introducing the RSI greenhouse and facility warming system. Crafted to consistently maintain warmth, its ceiling-bound design not only enhances airflow but also optimizes space usage. The versatile bracket offers multidirectional adjustment, with the heater even spinning a full circle—providing comprehensive warmth distribution. Plus, with adjustable vents, you control the intensity of the warmth.

Perfectly suited for greenhouses, protective shelters, garages, or workspaces, RSI’s heating approach is a beacon of efficiency and cost-saving. Thanks to its copper brazing with a lower watt density and the unique steel-encased tubular heating element, this system consumes less energy while generating warmth.

Safety is at its core with an automatic fan regulator and a thermal cutoff that turns off during overheating, resuming when conditions normalize. Installation’s a breeze with the included bracket and hardware.

Highlights of the RSI Greenhouse Warming Solution:

  • Crafted for diverse spaces from greenhouses to garages.
  • UL-certified for safety.
  • Dual heating modes with output ranging from 2500 to 5000 Watts.
  • Energy-efficient copper brazing and lower watt density design.
  • Consumes 21 Amps at 240 Volts.
  • Features an in-built thermostat and automated fan regulator.
  • Safety mechanism to turn off during overheating with automatic restart.
  • Advised mounting at a height of at least 6ft.
  • Notably efficient energy consumption for cost-saving advantages.

What’s in the Box:

  • Mounting bracket.
  • All required installation hardware.


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